About Donations

It takes persistence, courage, and talent to write fiction and put out into the world, but it's difficult for up-and-coming writers to find publications that are willing and able to pay them for that effort and skill. Some publications, especially smaller ones, even expect writers to pay a fee in order to have their work published.

It's one of our fundamental principles at Epic Echoes  always to pay for stories. Even if it's just a $10 honorarium, we always pay: every writer, every story, every time.

You might be wondering how we can pull that off. After all, we don't charge readers for access to the digital magazine.

The answer? Well... it's you!

We pay writers using the donations of generous readers like you, and 100% of donations go either directly to the writers, or to cover the website hosting fees that allow us to distribute the digital edition free of charge to our readers.

Thank you!!